Testimonials as a personal coach:

“Your personal coaching has helped me in many ways; these are just to name a few. It has helped me realize that I can accomplish more than I think I can, that I do have a greater purpose in life, that I’m stronger and capable of more. It has helped me meet my goals by being accountable to someone who is in my corner, cheering me on not judging me if I failed. I have developed a better sense of who I am through coaching, someone I didn’t ‘see’ before. I can now look at my situation from an aerial view, giving me a better perspective, and see where things may need to be tweaked. this has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Thank you!”

Tammie Sandel  (Homemaker and Parent of ADHD Children)

“At a time of feeling confused, overwhelmed and hopeless, Dr. Dickson introduced me to life coaching. Through weekly sessions I was able to identify what core reasons were triggering my frustrations so that I could begin to focus on the positive aspects of my life. I learned a lot about myself and techniques I could use to push through challenging times. Just after two months of coaching, I was able to overcome many obstacles and achieve tangible results. Today my son and I have a different perspective on our lives and life around us. One year later, I now coach my twelve year old son. I am grateful to Dr. Dickson that through my own coaching, I obtained the skill to connect with my son and give him the ability to recognize his own strengths, weaknesses, goals and dreams. I highly recommend Dr. Dickson as a coach for anyone needing improvement in their personal or professional life!”

Kelly Walker  (Adult with ADHD and Mother of ADHD Children)

“Here are a few of the many advantages that I have personally noted from my experience working with Dr. Dickson as my personal coach:

I was able to set weekly goals that were clear, manageable and agreed upon and which worked directly toward achieving my ultimate desired goal. He took the time to help me clarify my values and what motivates me to accomplish each step to progressively achieve my desired goal. I was able to complete goals and projects more quickly by establishing reasonable deadline dates before the next coaching session. This helped me keep my focus on what needed to be accomplished by the next coaching session and not get overwhelmed. Having a professional coach I could count on at my side was invaluable in making adjustments to my work and life. His approach ultimately helped me to have mor confidence in myself and my work. I compare the one-on-one training of a personal coach to the individualized training of a fitness coach. He focused on me and my strengths for optimum results. If you want to succeed at what you do best, I highly recommend Dr. Dickson. My coaching experience was truly a blessing!”

Roxanne Fall  (Clinical Psychologist and Adult with ADHD)

“I longed for a better relationship with my teenage son. When I started coaching with Dr. Dickson, he was a great help to me in improving that relationship and I found that I was parenting him better too. Through thoughtful questions and careful listening, Dr. Dickson helped me to better understand my feelings and to uncover new perspectives on the relationship I have and the one I want for my son and myself. He helped me define goals and steps to reach them; I always left the coaching sessions with one or more concrete action steps to implement before our next session. Dr. Dickson has a wealth of knowledge in the field of ADHD which has helped me to better understand life from my son’s perspective, and he is empathetic toward the challenges that parenting an ADHD child can present as well as the difficulties and complexities it can cause in the parent-child relationship. I have found him to be sincere in his help and caring in his desire to see the relationship I have with my son improve. I highly recommend Dr. Dickson to others seeking a better relationship with an ADHD family member!”

Angie Plamondo  (Mother of an ADHD Teenager)

“There were things I had always wanted to accomplish but never felt were within my reach. I learned through coaching with Dr. Dickson to give myself permission to do the things that truly resonate with who I am!”

Louise Schultz  (Adult with ADHD)

“Recently I enrolled in college to pursue a nursing degree and started to experience the same challenges as I did when I was a college student years ago. I found it difficult to pay attention in class and was easily distracted by the slightest sounds or conversations around me. My mind would start to drift in spite of my attempt to pay attention. I spent hours and hours studying but was unable to remember anything that I studied. Not only were my grades suffering but also my self-esteem and confidence. I started coaching with Dr. Dickson and started to realize that my brain was working against my efforts. Dr. Dickson has been so patient, compassionate and encouraging. He has a wealth of knowledge about ADHD and has directed me to incredible reading material as well as support groups. Through continued coaching sessions and the tools he provided (plus the fact that I am on medication now), I saw great improvements in my ability to focus and stay on task. My performance in school is so much better now and I know that I can pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse!”

Vironetta Lawrence  (Adult with ADHD)