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“Survival Tips for the Non-ADHD Spouse”

Are you a non-ADHD spouse married to someone with ADHD?

What are you experiencing that brings you to your wits end, that makes you want to yell, or tense up in a ball of frustration, or scream in anger?

Well, this DVD was made for you!

Finally, a 60-minute DVD with a wealth of information on marriage and ADHD that includes interviews with non-ADHD spouses who openly talk about their experiences and what has helped to improve their marriages.

You will learn:

  • What traits of ADHD can effect your marriage.
  • How to understand the hard-wiring of your ADHD spouse.
  • How to effectively communicate with your ADHD spouse.
  • Many useful tips to help you improve your marriage.
  • And much more…..

Read what others are saying:

“It is terrific! What I really like about it is that there is so much information – what ADD is and how it can affect relationships. You give out very clear, easy to understand information in a gentle but expert way so that even the beginner can follow the information. What I really love are the interviews, because it gives the viewer an intimate understanding of the nuts and bolts of how ADHD impacts marriages. The interviewees opened up in a way that gives the viewer a deep understanding of the challenges (and also the upside) of living with someone with ADHD. I’ve never seen a DVD that offers so much insight into the world of ADHD as seen by the non-ADHD partner”.   Terry Matlen, MSW (Author of the book “Survival Tips for Women with ADHD”)

“I am a Non-ADHD Spouse and my marriage was completely strained. I was able to watch this DVD at my leisure and hearing what others had to say helped strengthen me, as I realized I’m not alone. The DVD is very informative, it helped me to understand my ADHD spouse better and gave me specific ideas on how to handle the different needs he has. Thanks, Dr. Dickson!”
Jessica Richter (Non-ADHD Spouse)  

“Dr. Terry Dickson’s groundbreaking new DVD, Survival Tips for the Non-ADHD Spouse, provides long-overdue practical advice for the spouses of adults with ADHD. His interview of three spouses gently paints a clear picture of the everyday highs and lows in the marriages of adults with ADHD, plus goes one step further and gives advice for addressing  ADHD challenges and supporting the partner with ADHD. Uniquely, Dr. Dickson urges people to educate themselves about ADHD and it’s related biochemical challenges, to have realistic expectations, and to look for the strengths of their partner with ADHD. You absolutely must get this excellent first of it’s kind video!”   Chris Zeigler Dendy (Author and Speaker)  website:

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Don’t miss out on this important information!

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