Are your family relationships affected by ADHD?  If so, you’re in the right place!

If you are parenting a child with ADHD, read on…

• Are you tired of arguing with your ADHD child? Do you feel like nothing you do or say makes any difference?  Are you tired of having to repeat yourself over and over again to get your ADHD child to understand what you are saying? Do you tend to constantly react negatively in response to his or her behaviors?

• When asked what is the biggest frustration of being a parent of a child with ADHD, parents commonly tell me that they wish they had more patience. They have difficulty remaining calm when raising a child with constant challenging behaviors.

• I found the #1 thing that has helped me the most to father my kids with ADHD. In fact, every other thing I did to help my child became a lot easier once I learned something that every child needs, ADHD or not. I want you to know what I learned too.

Whatever you do, don’t leave this one thing out of your parenting!

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What benefits will there be for you and your child?

• You will be able to partner with your child’s ADHD rather than tolerating it.

• You will create an atmosphere of trust that allows your child to blossom.

• Your child will feel more accepted and valuable as a person.

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